Litigation Trustee Appointments

Savage has been retained and represents litigation trusts in a number of large and mega-bankruptcy cases including Teligent, Inc. and Sun Healthcare, Inc.

In connection with its appointment as Litigation Trustee of bankruptcy litigation trusts, Savage commences, collectively, thousands of litigations arising under Chapter 5 of Title 11 of the USC, D&O Actions and other complex commercial and contract litigation.

To operate such voluminous caseloads, Savage maintains an interactive website on which named defendants in actions commenced by Savage may: register service information; make written settlement offers; and seek discovery and motion/hearing adjournments.  All such information and requests download to Savage’s proprietary in-office Microsoft Access database so that requests for settlements and adjournments may be promptly responded to.

Savage’s proprietary Microsoft Access database also allows Savage to run reports for the courts and creditors of the status of all adversary proceedings at the touch of a button.  Such reports include, but are not limited to: funds collected in each resolved case; cases in default; cases settled; cases in mediation; cases with pending discovery requests; cases with pending depositions; cases with pending motions (by the nature of each such motion).

Furthermore, also provides pretrial conference information, access to .pdf copies of relevant court-filed documents, and updates on accountings of and distributions from the litigation trust.

Savage has collected over $100 million in funds for general unsecured creditors in Chapter 11 cases who would not have otherwise received any other distribution under the respective debtors’ Chapter 11 plans.